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How it started...

Founded in 2015, we had a few different names (Rowbow Kombucha, anyone?), before settling on Mailer McGuire in 2017. Named after our founder Rosie’s two grandmothers, both loved a cuppa as well as a wee tipple; their adventurous spirit and discerning taste live on in what we do.

Back in mid-2010s we just wanted to drink less alcohol and enjoy more of our day. Quickly frustrated by the lack of ‘adult’ non-alcoholic drinks, our options at the time were boring, artificially created and overly sweetened. There were few nuanced, booze-free equivalents to wine or craft beer. There were no intriguing - much less healthy - alternatives to take a moment, sip and genuinely enjoy.

Blown away by the complexities and depth that fermented tea had the potential to deliver, we challenged ourselves to craft an unflavoured kombucha that could match up to our fav adults-only bevs. Enter our first release, Bright Oolong Kombucha. We had an epiphany around the wonders of tannins, acids and textures, and how nature, through microbiology, could transform ingredients into something our customers could discover, and love to drink.

Handpicked loose leaf tea is central to our raw, unflavoured, organic kombucha.

How it's going...

We set about becoming masters of our craft, along the way learning and incorporating techniques from other fermenters, wine makers, beer brewers and distillers. The art and science of fermentation provides an infinite education we’re still fascinated by. Mailer McGuire has been putting fermented teas on a pedestal for over 6 years.

We always go the scenic route - our ferments are authentic and slow, taking from 5 to 9 weeks, so flavours can assemble and nature can run its course. We only use real ingredients, including organic raw sugar (unlike many other “kombuchas” that use artificial sweeteners like stevia and xylitol). You can taste and feel the difference to what’s on the supermarket shelves.

Many years and mountains of tea leaves later, we’re still just as curious and thirsty. Our brewery in Marrickville is where we hand brew, ferment and bottle for our hospitality partners and homebodies locally and interstate.