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What started as a desire to drink less alcohol and enjoy more sunrises on a camping trip has blossomed into a range of distinctive, award winning kombuchas. Mailer McGuire craft a natural, non-alcoholic alternative for all your regular drinks rituals and memorable occasions.

Our kombuchas are raw, unfiltered, and always fermented with premium loose leaf tea and botanicals. We're fascinated by tannins, acids and textures, and how living cultures can transform whole ingredients into deliciously nuanced kombucha, packed with digestive and gut health benefits.

Handmade in Sydney, we offer a special and complex alternative to your favourite natural wine or craft beer.

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'So full flavoured it's almost like drinking wine...really complex'

Highly Enthused Podcast

'What a stunningly elegant drink'

Drink Easy Awards

1st and 2nd Place - Best Kombucha in Australia - Drink Easy Awards 2021


Using traditional brewing and fermenting methods, our kombucha

No short cuts or artifical fixes, just good clean fun to share with family and friends.


'Relaxation can come in a bottle it seems. The scent of jasmine flowers...and the tannic grip of green tea keeps you wanting more. Kick back, top up and make it a lazy afternoon'

Gourmet Traveller

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