All natural | Mood boosting | Complex | Non-alcoholic

Kombucha, perfected to a tea

Mailer McGuire is for BBQs and beach picnics, dinner tables and date nights. But most of all, it’s for the grown-up flavour lovers who deserve a guilt-free treat.

A mood boosting bottle for every occasion.

Upgrade your drinks rituals, Mailer McGuire is a healthy and refreshing non-alc alternative that you’ll love coming home to. Savour it like a wine or craft beer, but with a clear head and good gut feelings come morning.

Our Kombucha is naturally low in sugar, raw and alive with gut friendly cultures and healthy acids. Taking care of yourself never tasted so good.

We don't use artificial sweeteners, flavourings or extracts. No short cuts or quick fixes, just real ingredients and wild fermenting cultures.

Elevate your everyday.

Our Kombucha is deeply rooted in the nuanced flavours of tea, hand-brewed and fermented the traditional way. You know, without all the sweeteners, artificial flavours and weird chemicals. The result? Kombucha that’s as interesting and complex as the people who drink it.

Cheers to good health...

✓ Our kombucha is unpasteurised and alive with gut friendly cultures.

✓ Naturally lower in sugar, without using sweeteners such as stevia or erythritol. All natural containing only real ingredients and no preservatives. 

✓ High in healthy acetic acid, antioxidants and polyphenols that can help boost the immune system and lower the risk of disease.

✓ Includes L-theanine, an amino acid that is known to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety and stress.

Made with love, not lab coats.

Unlike mass-produced kombucha, we brew and bottle small batches of Kombucha right here in Sydney for big flavour, not big profits. Which means quality ingredients, natural flavours and an authentic kombucha experience.

What's our secret?

We don’t need tons of chemicals to make our brew taste great. Just hand-picked tea, water, raw organic sugar and starter culture. Oh, plus years of booch brewing mastery. That’s our secret to bold and complex flavours with tannins, acids and mouthfeel that takes authentic Kombucha to the next level.

Winemakers know grapes, beer brewers know hops. Our brewers know tea leaves and how to create a non-alc drink you’ll reach for first in the fridge. 

  • All natural.

  • Complex flavours.

  • Good for gut health.

  • 100% recyclable packaging.