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100% natural, 0% nasties.

Our tea-based Kombucha is hand-brewed and fermented the traditional way. You know, without all the sweeteners, artificial flavours and weird chemicals. The result? Kombucha that’s as interesting and complex as the people who drink it.

Build your own pack and save • Any mix of flavours

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What’s our secret?

We don’t need tons of chemicals to make our brew taste great. Just hand-picked tea, water, raw organic sugar and starter culture. Oh, plus years of booch brewing mastery. That’s our secret to bold and complex flavours with tannins, acids and mouthfeel that takes authentic Kombucha to the next level.

Winemakers know grapes, beer makers know hops. Our brewers know tea leaves and how to create a non-alc drink you’ll reach for first in the fridge.

Your new after work ritual with French Earl Grey Kombucha...

Lightly sparkling and low in sugar, our Kombucha is a healthy refreshing drink that you’ll love coming home to. Savour it like a craft beer or wine, but with a clear head come morning.

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  • “The best kombucha on the market, so tasty! Was also delivered promptly and the owners are so nice.”

    Emma, Wollongong.

    Sampler Mixed Pack 
  • “We loved them – especially the French Earl Grey which is honestly one of the best drinks let alone kombuchas I have tried.”

    Ben, Potts Point.

    French Earl Grey Kombucha 
  • “The chai kombucha is now my go-to after-work drink. Just delicious. Bravo!”

    Rachelle, North Sydney.

    Spiced Chai Kombucha