Drink well.

Mailer McGuire’s is a kombucha that’s just a little bit special. 

All natural, non-alcoholic, and with a healthy kick, Mailer McGuire is brewed by hand in Sydney’s Marrickville sticking firmly to what kombucha should always be about - but what can sometimes get lost - the intricate, pure flavours found in the world of single-sourced tea. Each step in our delicate fermentation process is carefully orchestrated to let each tea’s most beguiling flavours, tannins and textures do the talking. 

For us humble folk, less is more.

Founder Rosie created Mailer McGuire because she craved something non-alcoholic yet special enough to toast a well lived day, something balanced and complex to take the place of a glass of wine or craft beer and enjoy a healthy drinking culture.

Join us if you’re searching for the same.

Who are Mailer and McGuire?

You’re probably pondering our name. Mailer McGuire brings together the legacies of Rosie’s two grandmothers; a precocious pair of strong-spirited women who both loved a drink just as much as a restorative cup of tea. Life was always lived to the fullest for this duo, but they never missed an opportunity to take care of themselves. Balance, served with a generous whack of good humour.