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Tropical Hops Kombucha Special Release x Ryefield Hops

Tropical Hops Kombucha Special Release x Ryefield Hops

750ml glass bottle

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✓All natural    ✓Complex flavours    ✓Good for gut health 

Juicy notes of sweet mandarin and pineapples, with crisp whispers of citrus and pear make this an exceptionally refreshing drop. A real thirst quencher and crowd pleaser, perfect for picnics, BBQ's and casual dinners.

Victoria and Cascade whole cone hops, grown in NSW by the gifted team Ryefield Hops, are dry hopped into a custom fermented tea base. 

Tea Information

This special release is a sparkling union of
aromatic organic Victoria and Cascade hops and fermented Ceylon breakfast and mountain green teas.

Ryefield Hops is a family owned business utilising ex-dairy farming land. They are dedicated to producing sustainable hops grown using regenerative agricultural principles for the Australian craft brewers.

Tea varieties: Black tea and green tea

Loose leaf tea:
Ceylon breakfast tea (Kandy, Ceylon, Sri Lanka)
Mountain Green Tea ( Zheijang, China)

Harvest: Mountain green tea - March/ June

Ceylon breakfast tea - picked, slowly withered, rolled.
Mountain green tea - Fired, rolled, dried.


Ingredients: Water, organic cane sugar, live kombucha culture, Ceylon breakfast tea, mountain green tea, Victoria and cascade whole cone hops.

Unpasteurised, low in sugar and vegan. Contains healthy organic acids, gut friendly bacteria and antioxidants.

Sugar content of all our kombucha is between 2g-4g per 100ml.

Enjoy with...

As a fermented drink this kombucha may contain trace amount of alcohol, less than 1.15% at time of bottling. Always store refrigerated.

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