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Bright Oolong Kombucha

Bright Oolong Kombucha

750ml Glass Bottle

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✓All natural    ✓Complex flavours    ✓Good for gut health

Juicy and toasty stone fruit notes shine with moreishly tart finish. The purity and patience of a nine week ferment of exceptional Asia Beauty Oolong tea gifts a balanced, easy drinking nectar. 

Tea Information

Variety: Oolong tea

Whole leaf tea: Asia Beauty or Dongfang Meiren (Longhua Town, China)

Harvest: June/ July

Process: Organically grown, withered, heavily oxidized

Asia Beauty Oolong tea from the province of Fujian whose tea-bushes are intentionally exposed to green leaf hopper insects that nibble on the leaves. The unique aroma and flavour are produced from a reaction between the insects saliva and the polyphenols in the leaf. This causes a pre-oxidisation and a 'sweetening'of the leaf before it is handpicked and processed over three months. Carefully managed this helps leaves acquire a natural stone fruit quality and buttery finish.


Ingredients: Water, organic cane sugar, live kombucha culture, Asia beauty oolong tea.

Unpasteurised, low in sugar and vegan. Contains healthy organic acids, gut friendly bacteria and antioxidants.

Sugar content of all our kombucha is between 2g-4g per 100ml.

Enjoy with...

Works as a subsitute for viognier and a wild fermented ale. A true friend to a red duck curry, Moroccan tagine or gorgonzola.

As a fermented drink this kombucha may contain trace amount of alcohol, less than 1.15% at time of bottling. Always store refrigerated.

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