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French Earl Grey Kombucha

French Earl Grey Kombucha

750ml Glass Bottle

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We’ve teamed up with T Totaler to carefully brew their remarkable French Earl Grey blend. This bottle of sunshine is a peachy, citrus iced tea living its best and brightest life. A floral and buttery finish make this a spectacularly moreish drop.

A real party starter that's easy to devour anytime. Good pal to BBQ feasts, woodfired pizza or soft goats cheese.

✓ All natural    ✓ Complex flavours    ✓ Good for gut health
Low in sugar with no artifical sweeteners or preservatives.
Unfiltered and unpasteuriesed. Drink well.

Tea Information

Blend: China black tea, high mountain green tea, natural bergamot essence, rose petals, yellow marigold flowers, blue cornflowers, hibiscus.


Ingredients: Water, organic cane sugar, live kombucha culture, French earl grey blend.

Unpasteurised, low in sugar and vegan. Contains naturally produced organic acids, gut friendly bacteria and antioxidants.

Sugar content of all our kombucha is between 2g-4g per 100ml.

As a fermented drink this kombucha may contain trace amount of alcohol, less than 1.15% at time of bottling. Always store refrigerated.

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