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Golden Peony Kombucha Special Release x Tea Craft

Golden Peony Kombucha Special Release x Tea Craft

750ml Glass Bottle

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Succulent notes of lime, lychee and crunchy pear with a fresh, dry finish. Our friends at Tea Craft sourced this highly prized Golden Peony whole-leaf white tea from the Ciaqing Co-Op, Fujian.

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Tea Information

Variety: White tea

Whole leaf tea: Golden Peony or Jin Mu Dan (Zhenghe, China)

Harvest: September/ November

Process: Organically grown, withered and baked

Unlike most other white teas, the Golden Peony is picked in autumn’s first picking. It’s a tale of survival of the fittest. Autumn’s colder conditions generally mean less growth, but of the bushes that not only survive but thrive through this season, the Caiqing farmers know these must have something special to offer. These standout plants yield a more concentrated sweetness. Coupled with their relative scarcity, this tea is highly prized.

Caiqing farm is situated at a low altitude of 350m+ sea level. At this altitude, weather can be warmer and more humid, creating faster growing and more full bodied tea. This creates an interesting dichotomy in white tea- while they are more subtle in flavor as a category of tea, the low lying conditions adds a rich edge. This complexity is further heightened in the Golden Peony in that it is an autumn flush.


Ingredients: Water, organic cane sugar, live kombucha culture, golden peony white tea.

Unpasteurised, low in sugar and vegan. Contains healthy organic acids, gut friendly bacteria and antioxidants.

Sugar content of all our kombucha is between 2g-4g per 100ml.

As a fermented drink this kombucha may contain trace amount of alcohol, less than 1.15% at time of bottling. Always store refrigerated.

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